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Weird dream

Had a weird dream last night.

First I met up with Wolverine. (Hugh Jackman Wolverine. Hawt.) Then he and I went to break Buffy and Faith out of jail. Although instead of using the trademark claws, he just lifted a piece of barred wall up and out of the way. The girls were drugged; that was the only way to keep them IN jail, so we had to help them along quite a bit. We were on some very important mission. Saving the world, I'm sure. We piled into a Winnebago with hot pursuit on our tails. We realized we had to ditch the very obvious ride or we'd never shake them. So we got a bit of a lead, turned a bunch of corners to lose them, then fled the motorhome.

Next thing I know, I'm with my cousin Marly. Still on the lam. We were trying to find someone's yard to cut through, but everyone's yard was fenced in. The pursuers were close behind us, so we didn't have time to jump a fence, and kept looking for a yard without one.

I really hate dreams where I'm being chased, but this one was less scary than the ones I'd been having somehow.


My Marathon

So my marathon was on Sunday. Been rather stressing about it for the past month. My last few training runs had gone rather horribly, or hadn't happened at all. I just did not feel properly prepared for it. The most I'd done before this had been 18 miles, and that was with very many long walk breaks toward the end.

So I went into this race, trying not to vomit from nerves with some rather lofty goals actually. Goal #1 was just to finish. Ideally, I would walk each water station, but run the rest. Goal #2 was to finish in under 5 hours. I figured I did my Pikermi in 2:11, if I doubled that, it would be 4:22, plus almost 40 extra minutes. Why on earth I thought I could possibly hope to keep up that pace for the whole race is beyond me. Especially considering there was a water stop pretty much every mile, and I forced myself to walk every single one, even at the beginning, so I could force myself to not start too quickly.

At the starting line, I met Debbie. She had signed up for the 10K, but it started somewhere else, so she was going to run with us till she met up with her friends who were walking the Pikermi (and had started earlier) and then walk back with them. So she and I ran together for the first few miles and chit-chatted randomly which was nice. We were following these two guys who were nice enough to call out the pace we were going at each mile marker. Kept a fairly steady 10:30-ish minute pace for those first few. Then Debbie veered off to use a port-a-potty, and the two guys started to out pace me. I kept saying to myself "run your own race, not anyone else's" and forced myself to slow down and not try to push to keep up with the guys.

The course was gorgeous. Running through the Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The leaves on the trees were nearly at peak color. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot. It was in the 50s when the race started, and by the time I was done, it was in the 70s! The only sad thing were all the wollybear caterpillars and leetle baby snakes that had gotten trampled underfoot on the trail. Very sad. Other than that though, gorgeous scenery.

Miles that sucked: 2 (the second mile *always gets me, no matter what the distance), 6, 8 (just before the first turnaround), 13.1 (so disheartening to hit this and then realize you're only half way done), 18-26. Oddly enough, though I was going slower and it was getting progressively harder to start running again after a little walk break, that second half seemed to go by far more quickly than the first. Probably because there were less than 4 miles from the halfway point back to where we started, and the second out-and-back portion was considerably shorter than the first, so it was kind of like "4 miles to the start. 4.5 miles to the turnaround. 4.5 miles back to the finish." Much easier to handle it in sections like that.

Those last 8 miles... man. So I'd done 16 successfully before. And I'd done 18, although badly. So I knew I had to get to 18. And everyone talks about hitting a wall at 19, so I really wanted to get through 19. And I never actually did either of my 20 mile training runs, so then it was get to 20. Then, I calculated that the second turnaround would be at 21.5-ish. So then the challenge was to get to 22. At this point, I realized I had 48 minutes to run the remaining 4.2 miles to make my time goal of 5 hours. So then I started to push myself.

It was hard. REALLY FRIGGIN' HARD. And probably not the best idea. I think at around mile 24, I realized I was a minute behind where I needed to be to finish in under 5. I knew I couldn't make it up, but I also knew I had to keep going. I was *SO* close. This is where CrossFit came in handy though, especially that very last mile. I knew that in CrossFit you have these workouts that really really suck, but they're also usually really short. I kept telling myself that it was only 12 more minutes and I would be done. It really was all about pushing through the discomfort and trying to keep my mind in the game. 5 hours alone with nothing but your thoughts is a LONG-ASS time.

And then I came around the corner of a big shed, and the finish line was right there and it was over. I'd done it. 26.2 miles. And I only ever walked during the water stops. Part of me wanted to cry, but the other part of me was too elated and all smiles. There were hot tubs at the finish. At first, I dipped my legs into the hot one. Felt nice. Then, I went over to the cold one. It was really cold at first, but then it felt absolutely fabulous. I was exhausted, and slightly sore, but not in pain. Had somehow developed a wicked blister on the second-smallest toe of my left foot though. It had gotten under my other toe, and had been repeatedly pinched for those last 8 miles or so. Other than that though, I actually felt really good! No knee pain, no hip pain.

In the end, my official time was 5:02:52. I was a bit bummed that I'd missed my goal by such a small amount, but I'm still rather in disbelief that I actually did it. I *RAN* a marathon. 26.2 miles, and aside from small breaks that were only like 30-60 seconds, I RAN the whole damn thing. I'm still in shock about that.

Dork that I am, I'm wearing my race shirt and my finishing medal at work today. Hey, I earned it!

tl;dr Ran my first Marathon. Was totally successful. Time was 5:02:52.


Should I run on Sunday?

Should I go run on Sunday?

I have my first Marathon race on 10-10-10. That's one week from this Sunday.

Last Sunday, I ran 18 miles. The back of my right knee (or perhaps the very top of my right calf) hurt quite a bit afterward. It's still slightly sore.

Wednesday I ran 750 meters as a cool down at CrossFit. Felt really good.

Thursday morning I went for a run. Planned to do 3 laps of 1.36 miles around the development. Close to the end of the first lap, I noticed that there was a small sinkhole with water gushing from it near a house up the street. So I picked up the pace till I got back to my house and went inside to report it. They'd already heard about it, so I went back out to keep running. But for that whole second lap, my left hip was bothering me. I called it quits after that, didn't do the 3rd lap. That first lap felt awesome. The part where I picked up the pace felt awesome as well. I felt really really good! But that second lap, not so great. Weird hip pain the whole way through. Don't know if it was from that brief stretch of running faster, or from stopping suddenly to sit and make a phone call, or from starting back up again after stopping for a few minutes or perhaps all of it combined. And I can't figure out how to stretch it out either, which is odd.

Hip is still "off" a bit.

I'm supposed to run 8 miles this Sunday. Do I do it? Do I shoot for 5 instead? Do I just do endless laps around the development so if I need to stop I can? Or should I just not run at all?

I'm super nervous about this race!



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Obviously, I need to do a lot more travel. Although I get to add 3 more countries in January when I go on my cruise!


dreams. again.

So more weird dreams last night.

Started out in a lab, doing experiments on mice. We were attaching these little claw things to them, giving them a jolt of electricity, and bringing them back to life. I think they might have died of some disease, and when we brought them back, they were healed. For some reason, instead of a mouse, I had a black and white gerbil. And once he was healed, he took off. A bunch of us were scurrying around trying to catch the little bugger.

Then I was in some apartment. I guess I had moved there with Dennis. We were trying to set up our stuff. He had his room, I had mine. It took awhile to find the second bedroom though, cause at first we mistook it for the living room. The living room was an actual room, not just an open area. I was really aggravated till we found the other bedroom. Then, I was getting ready to go to work or leave for CrossFit or something, and he was hanging out by the door, smoking and Quasi got outside. I insisted that Quasi get back inside, because I didn't want her out the whole time I was gone. Dennis kept saying "don't worry, I'll put her back in when I go in" but I didn't trust him and I made sure Quasi had come back inside before I left. I was really pissed off about this for some reason.

Oddly, I think that second part had something to do with my mom frustrating me before bed last night. How is it that that woman can make me go from fine to RAGE in 2.3 seconds?


Oh look! Another dream entry!

Bad dreams last night. I didn't remember it until I was driving into work though. I was driving toward a gorgeous sunrise that was coloring the clouds this pretty shade of peach/orange and I noted that I didn't see any planes in the sky, even though I was driving right past the airport. And then I remembered.

In my dream, I was in a class. It was in the city. A bigger city than Cleveland, or at least one with more tall buildings, but there still weren't that many skyscraper type buildings. And this class was in one of the top floors of a building. And it was a lecture hall, but instead of having whiteboards or a projection screen on the wall behind the professor, the entire wall was one giant window. It was *SO* pretty to look out over the city as dusk arrived and the city lights came on.

Then we heard this noise. It sounded like a jet, so we all looked up and out the windows to see where it was coming from. I was slightly confused, because the airshow wasn't in town at that time. Instead of a fighter jet though, it was one of those commuter planes (Continental, if that matters) going *REALLY* fast. The pilot banked into a turn, and completely lost control of the plane and it went cartwheeling off. We watched in horror as the plane headed right into the city, struggling to right itself and gain altitude. For a moment, it seemed like the plane was going to manage to land with each tire on a different building, but of course, planes can't just stop on a dime, so it crashed into this apartment building. It was weird, because it took out one unit, but the unit above was still perfectly intact. We could see into the window, and the owner was sitting up in his chair, looking around, like he thought maybe it had been an earthquake. His TV was still on even.

Immediately, we all got up to go over and see if we could help. That's when I noticed Chris H had been sitting next to me in class. We gathered up our stuff, put it in our backpacks, but then left the backpacks there in the classroom.

They started evacuating the apartment building. Somehow, they drove vehicles up onto the roof, got people into them, and drove them down. I guess there was no way to get down past the floor where the plane had crashed.

At some point, I was helping out, and sort of directing people traffic and trying to keep the media away. The pilot had survived (in fact, despite the huge mess, there hadn't been any casualties, just some injuries) and I was trying to get her into this cabin without her getting harangued by the media, or assaulted by people that were mad at her for crashing the plane. Not that she had done it on purpose; the plane had just completely lost control for a bit. She did a good job trying to salvage the situation.

I think I really need to de-stress somehow so I can stop having these bad dreams. I just don't see when I'll ever have time for it!


More dreams

More bad dreams. Not as bad this time I guess. I was somewhere with Dennis. We were having a nice time, and then he decided to light up a cigarette. For some reason, this REALLY pissed me off, and I started yelling, telling him this was why things couldn't work between us; he knew I hated it, and here he was, smoking right in front of me. I was pissed because he had snuck it up on me somehow; like I thought he had quit or something, or he promised he wouldn't, and then he did... something like that. And so I stormed off.

And then I was stomping around some weird area. It was slightly hilly and rocky. I stomped up some hill. There were a bunch of hillbillies around, wondering wtf I was doing in their 'hood. I could tell I was annoying them, so I turned around and went back another way. All of a sudden, I was driving. But while the Jeep I was in could handle the off-road terrain, I wasn't equipped with the knowledge to traverse said terrain without breaking it or high-centering myself or rolling the Jeep or some otherwise embarrassing/dangerous calamity. And those damn hillbillies were all still watching. At one point, my CrossFit trainer Bill was telling me "watch out, you're gonna hit that bump!" So I figured, screw this. I got out of the Jeep. At which point, the jeep was now the size of those little electric cars that kids can ride around in, so I just picked it up with one hand and started stomping back down the hill.



more dreams

So I had this grand plot to have better dreams last night by talking to someone on the phone before bed. Well, it sorta worked, but not quite how I'd planned. I definitely had a better dream, but the persons in the dream were not who I was expecting.

So in the dream, I was at this grand party. It was for a movie though, and I was going to be in this movie. It was a total fairy tale type thing; the prodigal prince who didn't know his lineage growing up has returned, there's going to be a big party, and of course, someone who thought they were in line for the throne is jealous and going to try to kill the prince. Kinda like Disney's Hercules, perhaps? I only ever saw that movie once. Anyway. I got to be the prince's love interest in the movie. And so we were getting ready to shoot the scene where it's the party held in the prince's honor, and since the set was all set up for this, the producers decided to make it a *real* party first. So there were a bunch of Tower people there as well, and it was a grand ol' time. I remember a bunch of chicks (not Tower peeps) clustering around the actor who would play the prince cause he was hot, and I was kinda giggly knowing that their efforts were futile cause he would end up with me (albeit, just for the movie).

So then the dancing started. And I ran into Sean who wanted to dance, but because I was in the movie and had to be a good hostess or something, I had to dance with this old guy first. And so I start dancing with the geezer, and the guy actually tries to grab my ass! I wasn't having any of that, so I told him to keep his hands above my waist. He got kind of annoyed by this, and went to find some other, less assertive chick to go molest. So then I called Sean over to dance. He was a hell of a lot taller than I'd remembered. The prince was out dancing, in costume, which looked like what the prince in Cinderella wears, but blue, and more military-like. Sean makes some crack about how he wouldn't be caught dead in such an outfit... which is why he joined the Marines. And we both totally cracked up about it, since the Marine dress uniform was even more formal. And it was just really nice to be laughing with a friend and not have any worries.

During some other part of the dream, I went to the restroom which was super swanky (hey, we were supposed to be in a palace, right?) and there was much gossip going on, and I overheard about the plot to kill the prince. And then I made sure to pick up the correct wine glass on the way out, so I didn't get the one with "poison" in it. (I couldn't mess up the continuity of the movie by taking the wrong glass!) My wine glass was fancier than the rest since I was counted as part of the "royal" party. I dunno if that part was "real" or part of filming the movie or both or what.

So definitely better than my other dreams have been, but still crazy messed up, as dreams are wont to be.


catch up/recap

So. For what's been going on in my life for those who don't know...

In July, I decided that the relationship I was in was unhealthy for me, and it was time to move on. I'd been contemplating the decision for well over a year at that point. I moved back home with my parents. Dennis was upset, he didn't want to separate, but he's been cooperative about it. I filed dissolution paperwork, and the hearing is September 8th, and I'm hoping everything will be finalized at that time. Dennis will be moving back to Oregon.

I've started my final semester of classes. I'm taking two classes this semester. Operations Management: lots of reading, but it doesn't look like it will be too hard, just lots of work; and Enterprise Development: very similar to a class I've taken before, in fact, the first month of class is exactly the same, so I've got a bit of a head start on this one. As of December 8th, I will be done with my MBA degree!

I'm in training for a Marathon. I've got a Pikermi on September 12th, and a full Marathon on October 10th (10-10-10!). So I've been doing some really long runs lately. Also still crossfitting. I've fallen out of my habit of being there 5 days a week; with everything else going on in my life it's been really hard to get out of bed when that alarm goes off at 4:30AM! But I still try to go at least 3 times. It should pick up again after this weekend, when I can go on Saturdays again.

A bunch of stuff seems to all be happening at once for me:
This weekend: need to be completely out of the old duplex by the end of the month, so this weekend is moving out the couple pieces of furniture I was unable to sell on craigslist and sweeping and mopping all the floors.

Next weekend: Labor Day. Woo-hoo long weekend! I'm hoping it's hot, so I can go to the beach, but mostly I'm going to spend the weekend trying to get as ahead as I can on school work.

The 8th: Aforementioned hearing.

The 12th: Aforementioned Pikermi.

The 16th: I'll be paying off my car! woo! A year early too!

After mid-September, things should settle down till the end of the year, with the exception of my Marathon and a trip to DC in early November. I'm actually sort of looking forward to the relative relaxation of a boring routine at this point! All this running around has really been wearing me down!


Had some messed up dreams last night.

In the first one, I was walking along, when suddenly, there was this yellow finch fluttering all around me. I was all "ack!" but then he somehow managed to settle in and perch on my chest, right under my chin. It was kinda cozy, cause he was very soft. But I could tell he was scared and was using me as protection from something. And then he started getting agitated. I then noticed another finch flying nearby. It was his mate, and she was being chased by a falcon. So I ran over there, waving my arms, trying to shoo the falcon away from the finch, all the while the finch that was under my chin was calling to his mate, trying to get her to come over to me and use me as protection from the falcon. Then the falcon went after a third finch, and I went running over to save that one too. The dream ended before I know whether or not I was successful.

Interpretation: I've lived in Ohio my entire life. I don't EVER remember seeing yellow finches when I was a kid. Now though, I see them ALL THE TIME. Same with birds of prey. Never saw them as a kid, now I see a hawk or a falcon almost on a daily basis. When I run the bike path that goes along the highway, I often scare yellow finches that are out finding food, and they keep flying away from me, straight out ahead of me, instead of trying to turn to break pursuit. Silly birdies. Also, I seem to attract butterflies. This annoys the hell outta me. They seem to fly straight at me ALL THE TIME. I hate bugs. Yes, even butterflies. Why must they come after me like that? Also, the other day, there was this HUGE (ok, not so huge, but still big) moth in the bathroom when I went to take a shower. I was trying to open the window to shoo it outside, and the thing kept fluttering around me, and bumping into me a bunch. Ewwwwwww! So, um, yeah. Add all that up, and you get the above dream. Or something.

The second dream involved me trying to make travel arrangements. I went to the airport to get on my plane, and when I got there, they were all "nope, we can't accept this ticket". I was in tears. Seriously, I was blubbering. I had already tried using a canceled ticket from before, and they wouldn't let me, and then I tried using my frequent flier miles, and that was a huge hassle that wouldn't get me what I wanted, and if this ticket wasn't valid, why did the system let me purchase it? I cried. A lot. The gate agents were really quite nice though, and they got me all straightened out, and I got to my destination, and in the end I was greeted at my destination with some very enjoyable kissing, so that all worked out in the end.

Interpretation: I actually *had* been trying to use a canceled flight ticket to make a trip but the airline wouldn't let me transfer it to my name which is just stupid. I really hate airlines! They make everything so damn difficult! So this is probably all my worries/fears/frustrations about the whole process messing with my head.

But hey, both dreams worked out in the end, so that's a good omen, right?